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  • Staying Fit Strong Healthy

    Staying Fit Strong Healthy

    So staying fit and healthy does not mean we still cant enjoy our selfs. Does this mean we have to train every day? eat like a rabit and never drink? Getting older and we all wanna stay as fit and strong as possible. Now i’m nearly 40 and i’m fitter than i’ve every been. I



    Yes so simple just refer a friend and get cash back. Once your Friend has done 3 months we will give you £20 back in cash. The more friends you refer the more you get. No limit.    

  • “Don’t Miss Out”

    “Don’t Miss Out”

    We have 27 Memberships left. Please reserve a space before they are all gone. Body management aim to keep standards high and don’t want to over crowd. Our Day Time Membership is only £5 per week with no contract. Corporate Memberships available please ask for details.

  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    Morning Rant So for those trying to drop weight. How long have you eat/drank and been over weight? 1 year ? 2 years maybe 3 or longer. So do you think 4 weeks of dieting will make us skinny? really. Losing weight takes time and patients and plenty of hard work. No its not easy

  • 35 memberships left

    35 memberships left

    35 Memberships left – yes thats right we are only letting 35 spaces go and no more. We have had a great start to the year and want to keep our club exclusive and not over crowd. We will then monitor this over the year. Please reserve your space by ringing club or email us

  • Help raises money for a Defibrillator

    Help raises money for a Defibrillator

    So after chatting to a member today and them telling me of there loss and that they had passed away in a gym at the age of 29. It got me thinking how many gyms have a Defib and how many of there staff are First aid trained? My member was told after if they

  • 39 Memberships left and going Fast.

    39 Memberships left and going Fast.

    We have limited memberships. Body Management values its memberships and does not want to over crowd the gym. Its been a great start to the year and we aim to keep improving. Our day time membership £20 p/m 10am-3pm has been most popular. No contracts on memberships. No joining fee. Special forces memberships @£19.99 p/m

  • Home workout

    Home workout

    Warm up Air squats 10 reps Press ups 10 reps Sit ups 10 reps Plank taps 10 reps High Knees 30 secs Repeat 5 rounds

  • No Contracts

    No Contracts

    So You’ve all been asking when are we going to do away with contracts! well as from the 1st of March we are. We will still ask for  1 month cancelation but no more 12 months. Aiming to work with community and give people what they want. New Cardio New Indoor cycling New Timetable New

  • Health Fitness Nutrition Tips

    Health Fitness Nutrition Tips

    Drink more water. Portion control. Set goals. Add more veggies to meals than anything else. Regular exercise – with a friend can help. Join in on classes as helps with motivation or use a Personal Trainer. Tracking foods can really help get results. (myfitnesspal) app Don’t make up excuses-10 mins is better than nothing Don’t