Body Management | RECIPES
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  • Soaked Oats

    Soaked Oats

    Soaked oats is such a simple breakfast to make in a matter minutes. 1 cup oats 1 cup almond milk or any milk of choice tsp flaxseed squeeze Honey 1 scoop chocolate protein whey Add all into a bowl and mix and poor into a jar, make sure air tight and stick in the fridge..

  • Breakfast in bed

    Breakfast in bed

    This monrings breakfast before my ride with my good friend tom.. Made the night before in less than 3 mins 1 cup oats 1 cup almond milk 1 scoop whey banana protein 1tsp flaxseed mix all together in mixing bowl poor into jar and put in the fridge its that simple. Add 1 tbsp low

  • Post shake

    Post shake

    After a 36 mile ride (full of hills) cheers Tom i needed a well deserved Protein shake.. As im on a low carb day high fat this contained 2 scopps whey protein small amount of walnuts/cashew nuts water/almond milk 1 tbsp full fat yogurt 1 tsp peanut butter a spinkle of dark chocolate chuck all

  • Morning shake

    Morning shake

    2 scoops whey vanilla protein 1 tsp flaxseed 1 tbsp almond butter 3 eggwhites sprinkle cashew/walnuts 1/2 water 1/2 almond milk stick all in the blender and ready to serve. i only use this shake when on a high fat day as contains lots of fats

  • Simple breakfast

    Simple breakfast

    Feel like a fry up well heres mine 1 large flat mushroom 2 poached eggs 2 Smoked stricky bacon and i use 50/50 ketchup a s les salt and sugurs Fry the mushrooms and bacon using coconut oil or extra virgin oilive oil and poach eggs to suit. There we go simple health breakie… Enjoy

  • Chicken salad

    Chicken salad

    1 & 1/2 chicken breast ( cooked in bag in oven ) 45 mins day before, serve cold Lettuce,carrot,cucomber,onion,coriander,spinach Broken up ryvita thins multi seed Glaze – balsmatic just a little Low fat yogurt with chopped chives dip washed down with lemon/lime water

  • Green & Purple Powders protein

    Green & Purple Powders protein

    1 tsp greens 1 tsp purple powders 1/2 banana 1 scopp whey vanilla protein (go protein) 2 egg whites (liguid) Sainsburys almond milk and water 50/50 1 tsp flaxseed Add to blenders and serve

  • Protein Shake

    Protein Shake

    1 tsp Green powder 1 tsp purple powder 1 scoop strawberry protein 1 scoop vaniila alomondmilk/water 50/50 3 egg whites 1 tangerine/satsumas 1 tsp flaxseed Add to blender and mix Serves 2

  • Purple cookies

    Purple cookies

    1 cup oats 2 tsp purple powders 1 tsp baking powder 1 mashed banana 1 small cube of dark choclate 1 scoop vanilla whey protein 2 tsp eggwhites 3 tbsp low fat greek yogurt 1 tbsp Manuka honey – use normal honey if thats all you have 1 tsp flaxseed Chuck all in a bowl

  • Purple soaked oats

    Purple soaked oats

    1 cup oats 1 cup almond milk 2 tsp purple powder 1tsp flaxseed 1 scoop whey vanilla protein 1 banana (add to top) Chuck all in a bowl and mix then poor into jar (kilner) and stick in the fridge over night Serves 2