Body Management | Staying Fit Strong Healthy
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  • Staying Fit Strong Healthy

    Staying Fit Strong Healthy

    So staying fit and healthy does not mean we still cant enjoy our selfs.

    Does this mean we have to train every day? eat like a rabit and never drink?

    Getting older and we all wanna stay as fit and strong as possible.

    Now i’m nearly 40 and i’m fitter than i’ve every been.

    I hit the weights 2-3 times per week for 40 mins each session, i focus on a full body workout and always incorporate core work as very important when getting older. I try to add 20 mins cardio after each weight session and 1 long ride if weather allows me (one day).

    I walk my dogs each day slowly as there getting old but great to get the fresh air.

    Now yes its easier for me as i work in a gym but not always easy to find the time as very busy.

    I keep to a 80-20% diet, i mean Monday-Friday i keep to my set calories and weekends i up this by 500/600 to allow for a few drinks etc.

    Now i do eat things like Cheese,Chocolate,cake etc but in moderation and not everyday.

    I enjoy a drink like everyone else but its not a day 2 day thing.

    Staying fit and healthy to me means more than just having a six pack and the way i look, yes thats great but its how i feel inside, i don’t want to get to my 50,60’s and not be able to Ski,walk ride a bike etc.

    So many of us worry to much on how we look rather than whats going on inside our bodies.

    Take your daily diet, how many of us eat wholesome foods day 2 day? how many people prep foods and cook fresh meals? not many i’m guessing.

    Eating fresh food is just as important as staying fit.

    To many of us say i’ve not the time, but yet i bet you find time to sit and watch TV at night, is that gonna help you later in life.

    Balance is key and working out what matters to you.

    I enjoy my life and want it to continue for as long as possible.




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