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  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    Morning Rant

    So for those trying to drop weight.

    How long have you eat/drank and been over weight? 1 year ? 2 years maybe 3 or longer.

    So do you think 4 weeks of dieting will make us skinny? really.

    Losing weight takes time and patients and plenty of hard work.

    No its not easy but well worth it.

    Being good Monday – Friday helps but if your only just sticking to your daily calories and then on weekends go off track a little what do you think will happen? yes you will end up putting weight on.

    (stand on scales why have i not lost weight) sound familiar?

    Yes we all deserve a little treat but 3 days bad over weekend and 4 days good does not end up with results.

    I appreciate this is not easy but if you have a target goal i suggest using an app to help track foods.

    We have to be in a calorie deficit in order to loss weight.


    Lets rap this up – if you overindulge on weekend and stick to diet in the week you will not lose that weight – fact.

    Come on have a word its not rocket science.


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